About us

Klaus Pampel

Wines that evoke emotions.

We are native South Africans and have spent 40 years of our lives
Wine is our hobby and our passion. Since the end of apartheid in 1994, export opportunities and the quality and individuality of the wines have developed immensely. We would like to bring these to friends, acquaintances, customers and South Africa fans in a concentrated form and specialize only in South Africa in our small Meerbuscher Vinotage.

At Pampels Vinotage you can get selected wines from winemakers in South Africa that will give us and you drinking pleasure. It is very important to us to only stock wineries that are characterized by excellent vineyard and cellar work.

We don't want to offer you quickly produced mass-produced wines that rely on a uniform, standardized taste. Individuality and authenticity mean a lot to us and our winemakers. In practice, this means that our white wines, sparkling wines and red wines have a character and a soul. They show their regional origins and can therefore provide unmistakable pleasure at a good price-performance ratio.

This is possible because we personally met and got to know a large number of the winemakers, producers and cellar masters on site. We see ourselves as an intermediary between you, the connoisseur, and our wines and winemakers from South Africa.

We have over 100 wineries and well over 400 wines in our range and are pleased to be able to introduce some of these to you in our Vinotage