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Inverroche Amber Gin

Inverroche Amber Gin

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INVERROCHE GIN AMBER is a harmonious construct of complex influences from different directions. At first glance, it could be confused with a reserve gin. It is reminiscent of rum and yet is a New Western Dry Gin. Inverroche Gin Amber owes its tannin-rich finish to the dried fruits of the yellow ice plant, which is also called dune fig in South Africa. In the post-maceration they act like oak barrels and give the gin an incomparable aroma and an aged woody character. In a special process that does justice to both the African botanicals and the classic gin spices, a gin is lovingly distilled here that can compete with the best gins in the world. With this gin, Lorna Scott proves once again that she is rightly the icon of South African craft gin. From picking the botanicals to the actual distillation process, a lot of loving handwork and skill goes into this gin. This not only benefits the quality of the premium gin, but also sets standards in the sustainability of production and the social responsibility of manufacturing. The botanicals of the Fynbos, a unique flora that is only native to a limited area on the Cape of South Africa, create a broad bouquet with their aroma. At the same time, the Inverroche community protects this unique habitat by freeing it from invasive plants. Plants that have no place in the Fynbos do not end up in the gin at Inverroche, but in the fire of the copper distillery, which is still heated by hand. The result is a craft gin that is convincing in all aspects.

Lead botanicals of the Costal Fynbos. Aromatic Fynbos from the coast of South Africa meets the traditional gin spices. Citrus fruits, juniper berries and sweet toffee apples combine with floral notes, the unparalleled flora of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Intensely aromatic with notes reminiscent of rooibos tea, berries and orange. This gin also has a lot of depth in its smell. A delicate floral side gives it the necessary lightness.

The intense tannins provide a broad base for this gin and are strongly reminiscent of a reserve gin or even rum. They create a warm, earthy aroma on both the tongue and the palate. Complex floral notes form a second level that picks up the basic tone and adds an almost playful facet. Citrus creates bright highlights. With gentle aromas of sweet toffee apples and caramel from the sugar cane spirit, the gin also has its sweet side, which, however, remains elegantly in the background. In the finish, the tannins of Inverroche Gin Amber develop to their full extent and transform into an aftertaste that allows you to perceive rooibos tea.

Strong aroma and intense color through infusion and post-maceration, hand-picked fynbos botanicals that are only found in a narrow section of South Africa's coast. Sustainably harvested and processed by hand by a community project, sugar cane spirit as a base with a gentle caramel note.

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