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Inverroche Classic Gin

Inverroche Classic Gin

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Inverroche Classic Gin, like its creator and master distiller Lorna Scott, is a pioneer of South African gin. As the first craft gin in the region, the premium gin set new standards in quality and taste. A gin that is lovingly handcrafted in every step of the process. The 15 different botanicals from the limestone fynbos are traditionally collected by hand by a South African community project. The aromas are gently extracted from the plants in the hot alcohol vapor during the distillation process, which transports their full flavor into the bottle. The distillation takes place in the one-shot process, in which all aromas are extracted and processed in a single process. The still used for this is a classic copper still, but it was specially designed and modified for the special distillation process and the characteristics of the botanicals. This is how the complexity of the Inverroche Classic Gin is created, which is based on the subtle interplay of soft juniper notes followed by fresh citrus aromas. The aroma of angelica root and spice bark provides depth and breadth in the taste. This gin gets the flattering warmth of the South African sun from coriander seeds and cardamom pods. But the true complexity only becomes apparent when it is combined with the Fynbos botanicals. These add a multifaceted touch to the premium gin from the tip of the tongue to the palate, while integrating harmoniously into the balanced overall picture. A classic gin that also satisfies discerning gin lovers and skilfully combines modern influences from the craft gin manufacturer with the special features of its South African homeland to create an incomparable taste experience.

Lead botanicals of the Limestone Fynbos. The aromas of the Fynbos, which thrive on the rough limestone slopes of the South African coast, combine successfully with classic gin aromas of juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds and cardamom pods and a tangy citrus note. SCENT
Rough, tart, floral with a base of juniper, a tip of citrus and a multi-colored bouquet of exotic flowers.

Dominant notes of classic juniper are complemented by warm spices that give the taste breadth and depth. The citrus top note blossoms in the mouth into a playful mix with fruity, sweet grapefruit. The extraordinary aromas of the fynbos complete the overall picture with multifaceted floral notes and always reveal new details.

The wild fynbos plants only grow in the Cape. Their aromas are unique in the world and have a strong taste. Inverroche Classic only uses fynbos that grow on limestone rocks. The alcohol base consists of sugar cane and not, as is common in Europe, wheat or potatoes.

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