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Inverroche Verdant Gin

Inverroche Verdant Gin

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The barren mountains of South Africa are a demanding habitat. High climatic fluctuations, droughts and occasional bush fires place great demands on the unique flora. Only the strongest plants manage to hold their own there. This assertiveness can be tasted in every drop of INVERROCHE GIN VERDANT. However, the gin retains a soft, almost cheerful character, which also comes from an infusion with sun-drenched summer flowers. The idea and implementation of Inverroche Gin Verdant, like all gins of the Inverroche brand, comes from the pen of South African Chraft Gin pioneer Lorna Scott, who distills it personally in her specially constructed copper still. Inverroche is the heart of a South African community project that provides a regular income for the hard-working hands that traditionally collect the botanicals of the Fynbos by hand. The base alcohol of Inverroche Gin Verdant is made from sugar cane. Its pure, unadulterated taste does not in any way disturb the mild aroma of the Fynbos botanicals and even rounds off the gin with a subtle caramel note in the finish. Each batch is a limited edition. Different growing conditions in different years can minimally influence the color and aroma of the botanicals and thus also of the gin. Inverroche Gin is not blended between different batches to ensure authentic aromas and is free of artificial flavors and colorings.

Lead botanicals of the Mountain Fynbos. The Fynbos of the barren mountains of the Cape floristic region (Capensis) is characterized above all by its resilience, which is reflected in the intense aromas. Other aromas include juniper berries from Europe and traditional spices from the Far East, which combine harmoniously with citrus notes and a hint of licorice. The Inverroche Gin Verdant is crowned with a short infusion of wild Fynbos flowers. SCENT
A soft floral scent of herbs that are subtly reminiscent of chamomile dominates the herbal properties of this gin. Other herbs nestle charmingly in the background of the bouquet. The various closely interwoven citrus notes form a gentle layer above.

The basis for the taste of the INVERROCHE GIN VERDANT is the strong floral notes that characterize the Fynbos herbs of the mountains. These seem distantly familiar and yet excitingly exotic. Another facet is provided by selected summer flowers that reflect the essence of the South African sunrays in their taste. Various yellow citrus fruits round off the range of aromas. The mouthfeel is soft, almost creamy.

The botanicals of the INVERROCHE GIN VERDANT come from the Mountain Fynbos, a unique mountain world with an unmistakable flora that only exists in one place. They are picked by hand and refined in a Chaft Gin distillery to create an unparalleled premium gin. The exceptionally complex aromas make the gin both versatile and adaptable. They complement without dominating. An infusion of summer blossoms gives the gin its golden yellow color. Sugar cane serves as the base for the spirit.

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